Choose Your Own Challenge Ideas


Ready to have some fun during the KidsAbility Superhero Challenge? 

Build a team with one fundraising goal or soar as a solo superhero with a fundraising mission. The way you choose to participate is completely up to you! 

To reach your fundraising goals, here are a few ideas to get you started! 


  • Plan it! Get your co-workers together for a Superhero Dress Up/Dress Down day at the office or on Zoom. Or create a co-worker activity challenge (car wash, anyone?) and challenge other departments to take part. 

  • Play it! Get supporters together with a LEGO building competition, or a superhero movie night! "Sell" tickets to attend by asking people to donate to your fundraising page.

  • Ride it! Cyclists or motorbike enthusiasts love our longer 25 and 50K distance challenges - perfect for a team to rally together to ask for donations as a group or individual fundraising page.  

  • Host a sale! Do you make a really good batch of Chili or strawberry jam? Ask for a donation to your fundraising page in exchange for the items at your garage sale, bake sale, used book sale or a craft sale. Go further and get your friends, neighbours and co-workers involved. 

  • Offer your talents!  Handy? let people in your neighbourhood know you will accept a donation in lieu of a dog walking, mowing their lawn or other handyperson tasks.

  • Celebrate a milestone! Accept a donation in lieu of a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special event! Ask friends and family for to match their donation value to the milestone, for example, $30 to celebrate a 30th birthday. 

  • Get creative and have fun! Organize an activity with family, friends or your co-workers - the challenge is yours to decide - and raise funds as a team of superheroes exploring your superpowers. 

Please visit our corporate challenge page for more handy fundraising ideas to engage employees and involve co-workers.

Ready to Participate?

Step 1. Create a team, join as a family, or be a solo superhero.

Step 2. Set your goal and choose your challenge.

  • We think $250 is a great goal to start with, but you may want to soar higher. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you get to your goal and need to make a new one!

  • Now, decide your Challenge, add it to your fundraising page, and share why!

Step 3. Fundraise

  • Find our fundraising tips created to help you soar! Ask friends, family and co-workers for donations that will help kids living with disabilities in our community to thrive with the therapy, programming and support they receive from KidsAbility! New for this year! For every $200 raised, fundraisers will be entered into a draw to win prizes.

Step 4. Challenge Week!

  • Raise awareness and funds for KidsAbility by completing your Challenge by or before the first week in June. Take photos and videos and share widely on your social channels. Remember to tag us at @kidsability and use #superheroforkids 

Every donation helps kids living with disabilities in our community to thrive with the therapy, programming and support they receive from KidsAbility!


Learn more about becoming a sponsor of the 2022 KidsAbility Superhero Challenge HERE.


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