Challenge Ideas


You can support kids and their families. The way you choose to participate is completely up to you!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Engineer a Superhero obstacle course in the backyard

  2. Plan a relay race with your family at the park

  3. Plan a Dance party on your deck or living room

  4. Create a Scavenger hunt (in-person or Zoom)

  5. Host a superhero costume contest

  6. Prepare a Superhero picnic lunch at home

  7. Get moving: 5km walk, run, or wheelchair/bike race or ride

  8. Cut a certain number of lawns in one week

  9. Walk the neighbour’s dog a certain amount of times in one week

  10. Go wild with a LEGO building competition

  11. Get on the greens or the backyard for a golf/putting contest

  12. Spice up the night with a cooking competition

  13. Crafting – make your own superhero mask or cape

  14. Paint yourself as a superhero (be sure to send us photos!!)

  15. Post a photo of yourself on social media every day of the week in a different superhero costume or shirt

  16. Make your bed, put your clothes away and tidy up your room in under 30 minutes every day for one week

  17. Shoot and score during a sledge hockey game

  18. Sing the night away with a karaoke contest

  19. Join a boot camp or fitness class

  20. Eat healthy for one week

  21. A-thons (ex. Dance-a-thon, walk-a-thon, swim-a-thon, read-a-thon etc)

  22. Bake your favourite desserts and host a bake sale

  23. Be a superhero by helping family or neighbours with tasks

  24. Plan a socially distanced Superhero parade in your neighbourhood to show off your costumes

  25. Challenge yourself to work out every day for a week (walk, run, bike, yoga, etc.)

  26. Try something new every day for a week

  27. Count your steps challenge – get outside and walk 20, 30 or 40 thousand steps

  28. Head out into the garden and plant vegetables


School Challenges

  1. Dress up as a superhero for the day

  2. Teachers will dress up as their favourite superhero for the day

  3. Host a Superhero movie day and each child bring their own snack

  4. Create a superhero mask and cape, walk in the halls with a Superhero parade

  5. Create your own superhero name and call each other those names for the week

  6. Every student and teacher to complete a fun worksheet (click here for printable resources) and post them in the hallway to create a Hallway of Superheroes!

Corporate Challenges

  1. Donate a percentage of sales to KidsAbility

  2. Collect donations at the till/checkout

  3. Plan a Superhero dress up day for your staff team in place of dress down days at the office/home office

  4. Organize a Superhero Scavenger hunt at the office or home office

  5. Get moving with an Employee walk, run or obstacle course

  6. Sponsor the Superhero Challenge – inquire about opportunities to contribute

  7. Raise $2,500 to help pay for services for one child at KidsAbility this year

  8. Donate your coffee change to KidsAbility for the week

  9. Honour KidsAbility front line staff by offering Payroll deduction for Superhero Week

  10. Donate one hour of pay for one day during the Superhero Challenge week


Become a Sponsor Today

Learn more about becoming a sponsor of the 2022 KidsAbility Superhero Challenge HERE.


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